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Quality assurance is important in the engineering and construction industry to determine the flaws and make each project risk free. The jeopardy of not accomplishing the project on time is always there due to the affect of external factors on the project performance. At Anshul, we have built-in equality assurance system to avoid any inefficiency that could result in poor quality of products and service being delivered to the customer. The quality control has been regarded as the imperative part of engineering and construction business that aids in delivering optimal quality products. Alongside, it ensures the brand authenticity and enhances the loyal customer base.
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Periodical quality check reduces the costs of malfunction in one’s work along with faultless executing of the complete product. Performing a quality check on the product, the management can not only raise the organization’s standard, but also garners popularity over the product. Backed by ISO 9000 quality standard, we at Anshul Realties Pvt. Ltd. cater to conduct timely inspection of the product to provide perfect and high quality product.

Our quality management system involves internal and external level quality check and ensures proper verifications of material thereby to make the organization confident that intended quality is being achieved. Anshul Realties Pvt. Ltd. has successfully implemented the quality management system, which contributed to enhance the product quality, improvements in workmanship, reduction of wastage, and optimum profit. The external quality test is done to boost the confidence in the client that the supplier’s is endowed to provide best quality product or service as per client’s demand. This whole process is identified as a ‘‘quality assurance system.’’ This works successfully only while the pinnacle management takes responsibility for introduction and execution of the whole quality assurance program.

Inspection and Testing Status

At Anshul Realties Pvt. Ltd, we have well-documented procedures to identify the acceptability of construction items with regard to inspection and tests performed throughout the construction process. This procedure covers all inspection and testing of materials, equipment, or construction work. At Anshul Realties Pvt. Ltd., we use tags, marks, or routing cards to distinguish between inspected and uninspected construction items. This systematic inspection process upholds organization’s fame and save us from the use of unacceptable materials and inferior workmanship.


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